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Dental Implants in Naples, Florida

Dr. Denise Gay, a Board-Certified Periodontist, serves as the proprietor and practitioner of the longest continuously operating dental practice in Naples, Florida, specializing in periodontics and dental Implants. She has been board-certified by the American Board of Periodontology since 2006.

Within the realm of dental specialists, only periodontists and oral and maxillofacial surgeons hold recognition from the American Dental Association (ADA). Dental surgical specialists are mandated to complete rigorous full-time residency programs spanning 3 to 4 years. This extensive training and practical experience are primarily centered around risk management, as well as the ability to anticipate, diagnose, and treat surgical complications.

In cases where surgical complications arise, the substantial experience of surgical specialists ensures a higher level of safety and comfort for patients.

"I consider myself privileged to not only do what I love but also to improve the health of my patients. If you have any concerns about your oral health, please do not hesitate to contact my office. Treating periodontal disease starts with you."

Why Dental Implants?

Due to advanced periodontal disease, tooth decay, trauma, or congenital factors, a patient may have lost one or more of their natural teeth. The field of dental implants requires a comprehensive understanding of the biology of the mouth’s bone and soft tissues.

Dr Gay’s three-year postdoctoral training in Periodontology and dental Implant surgery, along with her 20-plus years of placing and treating dental Implants equip her with the expertise to address the intricacies and potential challenges associated with implanting a dental implant into a patient’s jaw.

Dr. Gay’s area of specialization lies solely in the placement of the implant itself, excluding the restoration of the implant with artificial tooth crowns, bridges, or dentures. This allows her to focus exclusively on the surgical aspects of dental implant procedures.

What Are Dental Implants?


Significant progress in the field of dental implant dentistry now enables implant dentists to effectively replace a missing tooth by inserting a prosthetic tooth into a patient’s jaw.

The dental implant serves as the artificial “root” for the replacement tooth and is typically constructed from commercially pure titanium. This material was found to be compatible with and capable of integrating into the bone, a crucial discovery that underpins the feasibility of dental implants, known as osseointegration.

Dr. Gay also offers metal-free zirconium dental implants as an alternative option.

Considerations when placing Dental Implants

Several considerations are reviewed by Dr. Gay during your evaluation.  Vital structures such as the nerves, the sinus and the shape and dimensions of bone must be examined and identified. 

Adequate bone volume is needed to successfully support the placement of the dental implant.  If there is not enough bone to place the implant, bone grafting or sinus lifting can be performed to provide adequate support prior to placing the implant. 

Other considerations include the overall health of the patient, the health of surrounding teeth, the bite, the existence of any infection and the assessment of the loading forces that the implant may experience. 

Adequate bone is necessary to support a dental implant.

Success Rates

There are several factors that affect implant success, including the experience and skills of the implant dental team, adequate bone volume, post-surgical care, patient hygiene, personal habits (smoking) and compliance. 

Dr. Gay employs advanced tools, such as the Osstell ISQ, to assess dental implants. This technology utilizes sound wave resonance to gauge the implant’s integration with the bone, and the process is quick and imperceptible to the patient.

Utilizing dental implants to replace missing teeth offers numerous advantages. It eliminates a potential source of infection, thus promoting the patient’s overall health. Additionally, dental implants help prevent further bone loss in the area, and they can restore proper bite function while reducing strain on adjacent teeth.

Furthermore, an increase in self-esteem is another positive outcome. Modern dental implants are aesthetically pleasing and nearly identical to natural teeth, allowing individuals to feel confident about their appearance when their smile is restored.

This patient lost one of her front teeth.

Dental Implant Complications and Peri-implantitis

Dental implants can be affected by the same periodontal disease process known as peri-implantitis as natural teeth, which results from bacterial infection and inflammation. Unlike natural teeth, implants do not have the inherent protective mechanisms. However, routine periodontal cleanings and regular check-ups with a dentist can effectively manage concerns related to dental implants.

To learn more about peri-implantitis, you can refer to this article: Article on peri-implantitis. 


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