Welcome to Olde Naples Periodontics, the longest running periodontal practice in Naples, Florida. The foundation of our treatment philosophy is an earnest effort to preserve the natural teeth of our patients. Often it is possible to save teeth through a focus on the removal of bacteria and debris, and periodontal hygiene maintenance with our experienced hygiene team, before resorting to the extraction of teeth. If your general health benefits from extraction, dental implants can be considered. Our practice relies on my extensive experience and the team approach to provide patients the highest standard of care. I believe in thorough communication with patients, and reserve a full hour for new patient consultations.
— Dr. Denise Gay

Board Certified Periodontist Dr. Denise C. Gay

Dr. Gay is a Naples, Florida board certified periodontist and dental implant specialist, focused on the treatment and prevention of periodontal disease, the placement of dental implants, and the treatment of dental implant complications. Our practice has served the Naples community for over 40 years. Dr. Gay has been a periodontist and dental implant specialist in Naples for more than 15 years.

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Our treatment approach offers patients the benefits of specialized dental care and emphasises the team approach, working with your general dentist and other dental specialists. Specialization and board certification benefits patients because it increases the level of proficiency resulting in predictable long term stable outcomes of dental care and maximizes oral health. The team approach links our specialized periodontal and dental implant treatment approach with those of other specialists with advance training, and general practitioners.

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Dr. Gay's Education Background

  • 1994 - Bachelor of Science, Biology
    Georgetown University - Washington, D.C.
  • 2001 - Doctor of Dental Surgery
    New York University - New York, New York
  • 2004 - Masters of Dental Science and
    Certificate in Periodontology
    University of Tennessee, Health Science Center
    Memphis, Tennessee

Specialist Certification

  • Board Certified since 2006
    by the American Board of Periodontology
  • Board certification requirements:
    - a three year program of study in residency, after dental school graduation
    - a comprehensive oral examination covering all aspects of periodontics and dental implants
    - recertification every 6 years

A Word on Board Certification

  • Board certification with the American Board of Periodontology is awarded only to dentists who have complete three additional years of full-time periodontal residency training, and is evidence of significant achievement and study beyond the minimum educational requirements of dental implantology and periodontics. The resulting benefit for patients is an exceptional level of experience and the highest evidence-based standard of care.
Naples Periodontist Top Dentist Award

Selected by peers: 2012-2020

Naples Periodontist
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Naples Periodontist
Board Certified since 2006

Periodontal Treatment


Naples Periodontist Denise Gay

Treating periodontal disease starts by visiting our office so we can assess your condition and put a strategy together.


Naples Dental Implants

There are several treatment options, each designed to eliminate plaque, inflammation and infection from the roots and gum.


Naples Dental Cleaning

Dental implants and other options can be used to replace teeth lost from damage caused by periodontal disease.

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Initial appointments are comprehensive and last one hour.
The goal of our practice is to save natural teeth whenever possible.